Thursday, March 8, 2012

C4T#2 Kim Cofino

Are You a Tech Pilot?

In this blog post, Kim talks about different strategies to help teachers with technology. The first section ,"YIS Tech Pilots", is Kim's first strategy. Kim wants to get some technology learned teachers in the school together for meetings during school time. The sessions are designed for teachers to interact and come up with ideas that use the school's resources, develop globally collaborative projects with other schools, and create a blended learning environment through their blogging portal. The second section, "Wired Work Day", is about Kim's way to answer teachers' questions about technology when they're really limited for time. Since the walk is a little far for hurried teachers, Kim has set up a central classroom for three periods a week where teachers can come to learn. The third section, "Faculty Meeting Tech Tips", talks about meetings that teachers must attend that thoroughly teach basic technological skills that are required. The fourth section, "Final Thoughts", summarizes Kim's hopes for her plans for teachers.

In my comment I commented on her obvious passion for technology and that I thought she had great ideas for helping teachers.

On My Way to Work

In this blog post of Kim's is a collection of pictures of her commute to work in Japan. She included descriptions to tell the audience know what's going on. The commute she had was very beautiful. There were a lot of trees and great scenery. I love the idea of telling a story with pictures. I'm glad she posted this on her blog.

In my comment, I said that her commute was very beautiful and that I loved her ideas and hope to incorporate some of them in the classroom when I'm a teacher.

A Picture in Kim's Commute

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