Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream

It is amazing how the times have changed as far as writing goes. One of the first things I thought while watching this movie is that we really are going green. There will hardly be a use of paper anymore. In the video, Miller starts describing the incremental changes that are occurring with technology. He gives the example of when he wrote an article for the AAUP just by using the internet instead of the library. He also says that since he published his article online, it now lives forever. The second incremental change he talks about is the benefits of networking. It's much easier to collaborate with people no matter where they may be.

In the second part of the movie, Miller starts by saying that this new technological material is continually changing and updating before our eyes. The material also allows a person to compose what they will. He says that the limitations and restrictions are ones that we put on ourselves. As for as fundamental changes, Miller says that publication falls in this category. A way that people are composing is with the web itself. Miller talks about a man named Jonathan Harris who uses the web as a source of art and education. Harris had an idea of creating an education building with Humanities and the Sciences together. He introduces the thought of a new Humanities In the end, he says that we should share these ideas, that belong to no one, with the world.

I enjoyed his ideas about this way of education. Of course, we have already heard of some of these ideas earlier on in EDM310, but this video adds on a little more. I'm sure college students would appreciate online textbooks because it's less weight and cheaper. It's also better getting a project done by using online resources because it's more time efficient and costs less money most of the time. I visited Jonathan Harris's website and it truly is remarkable. We need more unique things in this world. It's to see someone that doesn't necessarily copy ideas. I still don't understand his building project idea completely, but I'm sure it would be great anyhow.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12

What a writer!! Carly definitely shows her passion for writing and teaching through her blog post. I noticed some similarities between her blog and Dr. Miller's video on multimedia. For starters, both are advocating the use of technology. Carly suggested that a Youtube playlist about teaching should be made while Dr. Miller explained the development of technology as the sole material for students. Dr. Miller somewhat describes the multimedia that Carly is "assigning". Her assignment is quite extensive, however, it seems productive and useful.

Jamie's Videos

Both of the videos that Jamie Lynn was featured in were just what I needed to see. Procrastination is my middle name pretty much. I will definitely work on my time management. I thought that Jamie's excuses were pretty comical when she was talking to Dr. Strange. It's difficult for me to do well in this class because I've been given things too easily in my lifetime. I think I will take what I've learned from these two videos and teach it to my students.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

1) Social network- is a fun social network that can connect the students, teachers, and parents. It looks fun a creative, unfortunately, it's not free


  1. Hi Eva! I enjoyed reading your post this week, and I think that you did a great job summing up all of the assignments. I also think that it would be great if we could go green completely; college students could save so much money by not having to purchase hard or paperback books. Also, I like that you chose to make a comic strip for the scavenger hunt. I did not choose this one, but it looks like it would be fun, so I'm going to check it out!

  2. Eva, your post was really great and you did a wonderful job reviewing the videos. I too agree Ariel about going completely green. How much cheaper would it be for students? I really liked your comic strip and that you were able to put it on here. I never could get my scanner to work to put it on here but, I had a lot of fun creating it. Keep up the good work Eva!

  3. Isn't it great the barriers that technology breaks down for us? We can collaborate with people that time, resources, and space separated us from before! We can publish our thoughts on the internet and don't need the paper or expenses of printing to share our thoughts with the world in the most immediate manner. We can get and share feedback so easily. Technology brings the creative process, the act of collaboration, sharing feedback, and also writing together like never before. It is easier to see the connections between these entities when they are linked through computers, device, and the internet.
    Be sure to make sure that ALL of your links are "clickable" and that you write on all components of the assignment.
    I hope you continue to blog or write with multimedia after your experiences with EDM310! :) Keep up the good work!