Saturday, March 3, 2012

C4K Summary for February

Sela in New Zealand

Sela's blog post was about her trip to the beach with her family. I mentioned that I thought her name was pretty and that someday I would like to visit New Zealand. I shared a link to a picture of Gulf Shores and remarked on the importance of family time. In closing, I left a link to my blog and told her to share any cool pictures of New Zealand.

Keenan in Spirit Lake Iowa

In his blog post, Keenan said that he was reading the first Harry Potter book. I said that I have family in Iowa. I also said that the 7th book is my favorite and that I'm planning on visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL.

Sean in British Columbia, Canada

Sean told an exciting tale in his blog about a mysterious book that a woman read that eventually lead to her death. It was pretty exciting. He should have expanded the story and given more detail. I said that I enjoyed reading it. I also said that I haven't written any stories lately, but I love to read them.

Sarah 10th Grade History

It was a shock to me to get a high schooler. Sarah wrote a beautiful article about Napoleon. At the end of her post she asked her audience's opinion of whether Napoleon was a noble leader or a jerk. I told her that I was not a history wiz, but to my understanding, Napoleon was a jerk. I also said that great leaders are not always good ones. In fact, out of all the leaders in history, there was only one that was good.


  1. Eva,

    I enjoyed reading your summary post for your C4Ks. That was such a great idea to share a picture of Gulf Shores with Sela in New Zealand. I also found your summary post about the high school student interesting. I am curious, you say there was only one leader in history that was good, which leader are you referring to?

    Lastly, be sure to add clickable links to the kid's blogs you are discussing. Otherwise this was a great summary post! Keep it up!

  2. Elizabeth,
    I was referring to Jesus of Nazareth : )