Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4K Summary for March


While reading Ansa's post, I noticed that the words- white, spider, carefully, pushed, fifty- in her post were bold. In her post, Ansa tells a scary story of a witch, a cage, and an invisible man with fifty fingers. I guessing that the assignment was to write a scary story and the student must include the words mentioned before.

I told her that her story was scary and the I liked the way she used the "key" words.
White Spider like in her story


Nathan, a twelve year old student, decided to write a blog post containing a conversation between himself and Percy from the book Percy Jackson and the Olympians. His conversation was short and light. He mentioned a couple characters from the book like Zeus and Poseidon. At the end he finishes it with a "thank you".

I told him that I watched the movie and that I liked the Medusa character. Since he lives in Vermont, I told him the temperature of Mobile that day and asked if there are any interesting activities in Fairfax, Vermont (the city in which he lives).


In Ms. She's class, the students were studying butterflies. The students went on a field trip to Butterfly Creek where Ana saw a white goat. There is a short clip of Ana saying that she pet the white goat and that Butterfly Creek was cool. I said that it sounded like they were having a wonderful time studying butterflies and I also said that I hoped that the goat was nice to Ana.

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