Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Little Kids...Big Potential

This video is a guided tour of a 1st grade class in Canada. At first, they start the video by talking about their blogs. A student said that his writing gets better each time he writes a blog. Next, they talk about using the class web page in order to find class activities on the internet. Wikis are the next topic. The students learned about traditions and rituals by asking people to contribute information on the students wikis. Next topic was about making videos. The students make videos that show what they learned. For example, naming the alphabet and counting numbers. Skype was the next discussed learning tool. Most of the time the students spoke with other classes and experts. Last but not least, Nintendo! The students learned by playing educational games on the Nintedo DS.

That's amazing that those 1st graders were able use all those technological tools. At such a young age, they are doing so much! With the right tools, much learning can be achieved. I don't know about letting children so young making blog posts; maybe when they practice grammar and spelling more. I loved the Skype idea! Nintendo DS's could be handy,especially, with all the educational games that they have these days.

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Interview With Ms. Cassidy

I'm glad that Dr. Strange put this video showing the interview with Ms. Cassidy because she brought up some good points about the use of technology in the classroom. First point, technology is not going to leave. I knew this before ,but the way she said it made me realize that the children I teach will grow up in a different world than I live in now. I must prepare them for their world and not mine. I also like her idea about getting started with technology use by one's own interests. Even though I don't want to focus all the class time with technology, I do wish to incorporate it into a major portion of lessons. Children seem to really be interested in using technology. I'll try to teach in a way that helps them succeed in life.

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  1. Hello Eva,

    Your picture isn't showing up for some reason. Check the HTML code or the URL that you used. Otherwise you may want to just use a different photo and adjust it to fit in the column width of your blog. (Something else you can adjust in the Design area, just fyi.) Anyway, you seem to have a good grasp of what was discussed in both videos and what Ms. Cassidy is doing in her classroom. I'm glad to read that you want to incorporate technology in some capacity into your future classroom.