Thursday, February 9, 2012

C4T#1 Kathy Cassidy

Kids Teaching Kids and  Teaching in Flu Season

      Kathy gave a lesson to her 1st grade students on the differences between needs and wants. After the unit, she assigned the class to make a Common Craft-style Video. A few students were still not understanding the lesson. Kathy saw this need and showed those students the videos of the students who understood. She then reported that the students understood!

     Unfortunately, there was a week of school that hardly any students came to school due to the cold temperatures. During the class time, the students who attended school made a Common Craft-style Video
on the silent "e". A video of a student's Common Craft-style Video was shown in the post. Kathy said that the students really enjoyed making the videos and she hopes that their videos will help to teach the other students who missed school.

My Comment Summary

     In my comment, I said that I was skeptical about children teaching their piers, but now I see it works. I also said that I was glad that the students can teach their piers in a fun way and that I'll use this technique when I'm a teacher.

Nintendo DS: An Assessment Tool?

    In Kathy's bog post, she talks about the class having a BYOD (bring your own device day). The students brought their Nintendo DS units to class. Kathy also had 6 units for those who didn't have a DS. The class logged into a chat room in Pictochat. The agenda was to work on spelling. With the devices, Kathy could quickly tell who needed help with what. The students commented on their classmates work as well. Students quickly corrected their mistakes. This activity helped when the class wrote number sentences to go with number stories. Kathy enjoyed the timely and efficient outcome and hope to get a class set.

Summary of Comment

   In my comment I said that I was amazed at the activities she has for her students. I told her that I could never imagine working with game devices when I was in school. I finished off with a question asking her if the school provided the Nintendo DS units or if she got them from another source.

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