Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog Post #1

About Me

         Greetings! My name is Eva and I'm 20 years of age. For starters, I was born in Augusta, GA, but soon after I moved to Chunchula, AL. When I was about five, I moved to Chickasaw (north of Mobile) and have lived here ever since! God has blessed me with many things, people, and talents in my life. When I was younger I took gymnastics, dance, choir, voice lessons, piano lessons, and baton lessons. Unfortunately, I hardly do any of those things. My main hobbies I have now are reading and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend. I also do a bit of loom knitting and I'm experimenting with felting wool. My passions in life are traveling, working with children, teaching, and planning for the future.
       As far as personality traits go, I tend to be silly and try to be loving (Oh! How I fail at this sometimes!).  I try to be a nice person and I try to be the person God desires me to be. On the other hand, I'm very selfish, nosy and  terribly messy but hope to change all of that !

What I Learned from Randy Pausch

           Randy makes some excellent suggestions for successful time management. I liked his idea about asking one's self, "What happens if I choose not to do this?". When I get side tracked I also need to ask myself, "Why am I doing this?". I also enjoyed the statement "failing to plan is planning to fail". The reminder of a "to do" list was very beneficial. Over all, it was a very beneficial video.

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  1. Reading! You are unique these days!

    You will watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture later this semester. It is a powerful and moving video!